Who is the Sassy Seam Ripper?


The Sassy Seam Ripper is a wife, Mom, Gigi, Auntie, sister, daughter and friend.  She has four daughters and a handsome grandson.

She’s unruly, her laundry is never done and her kitchen is a disaster.  There are toys on the floor and school books on the table.

She’s ever attempting to balance life as a homemaker, home schooler, mommy, wife and sewist.  Life is crazy and she procrastinates.  BUT… Life is exactly how she wants it.

On any given day you will find her un-showered, watching Sesame Street on the couch and teaching multiplication until lunch time.  She then moves to what relaxes her most…. Sewing for her family.  When she’s not sewing she’s on to other projects or napping in the silence of her living room.  All the while, counting the minutes until her husband is home from work and her family is complete!

I’m a plus-size sewists that struggles with body-image and acceptance of the skin I’m in.  It’s an ever-growing process of loving the body I have TODAY!

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