5 out 4 Patterns Presents: Summer’s Coming Blog Tour


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Let’s Talk Summer!!!

It felt like winter in NEPA would never ending!  I swear it’s been snow for the last nine months.  Everyone in my house has been itching for some sun and outdoor play.  Well, in the last week and half or so we started to see signs of spring.  The birds are chirping, tulips are blooming, trees are flowering and allergies have returned.  I’m not even mad at the allergies, I just need some sun and warmth!

With Spring comes the inevitability of SUMMER and VACATION!! If you’re not thinking about it now I’m sure you, soon, will be!

Summer is, indeed, coming and 5 out of 4 Patterns is prepping the same as you!  If you’re in need of any summer clothes or swimwear they have you covered.


Today is the first day of the Summer’s Coming Blog Tour and I’m one of the first stops!

My husband LOVES shorts.  He wears them year round!  When paired with a comfy tee he is relaxed and ready to grill! So, for the first stop I thought I’d jump right in with some men’s wear!

The Men’s Swim Trunks are a favorite of his.  I’ve made them as swim trunks with lining and regular shorts without the lining.  He loves them both equally and wears them year round.

Another favorite of his is the Men’s Rocky Tee.  This is a semi-fitted tee that is just super comfy.  As you can see in the pics below it doesn’t look semi-fitted.  I decided to size up on this one just to give a little more relaxed feel.  It was a hit and he didn’t want to take it off!


Here’s what it looks like in it’s semi-fitted perfection:


The great thing about the Summer’s Coming Blog Tour from 5 out of 4 Patterns is that it comes with a pretty awesome Sitewide Sale! Get your patterns while they are one sale! Don’t Delay!!

Don’t forget to check out the rest of this week’s blog tour for all kinds of fun! You can find the week’s schedule below!

5 out of 4 Patterns Summer’s Coming Blog Tour Schedule

May 7- The Sassy Seamripper | Just Delphine

May 8- Sewing Novice | Octaves of Color

May 9- Manning the Machine | Sweet Mama Sharon

May 10- Sew Sew Ilse | That’s Sew Lily

May 11- Wonderfully Handmade | The Sassy Seamripper


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