The Obligatory Halloween Costume Post

Let me preface this by saying the following:  my children are cuter than everyone elses!!! Hahaha! I mean they are and you should think the same about your own! It’s the Mama in us!

Each year I ask my girls what they’d like to dress up as for Halloween. We’ve had Star Wars, princesses and even a Power Ranger thrown in for good measure.

This year the we’re ready for my question.

The 4 year wants to be a red fairy princess, the 11 year old wants to be Princess Belle and 20 month old doesn’t give a crap so she gets to be a princess too!

I looked through my various patterns to see if I have anything that would work for all three. Alas, it was a fail. Just at the moment of realization that I didn’t have what I needed I remembered there was a particular I had seen for princesses.  Now to find it.

It was quickly found with a second of googling. The Frocks and Frolics Princess Bell dress. It could be made a few different ways to get a couple different looks and was just precious! There was only one problem, my 11 year old is a few sizes too big than the biggest size.

Being the over-confident chick that I am I bought the pattern and vowed to size it up for her.

My test run was for going the 20 month old! I’m not kidding when I say I almost passed out when I finished. It was just so beautiful.

Next came the 4 year old. She was clear about a couple things: if needed red, it needed to be “shorter”, in needed sparkles, it needed to be “kind of twirly” and needed to have red wings(still working on this one).

She squealed with delight upon seeing this perfection!

Lastly, was the 11 year old. I made a muslin bodice that I had sized up a bit and jumped right in! Since she has a preteen developing body it was a bit of challenge to get the fit just right. In the end, she is in love  and truly feels like a princess! I have to say, she’s a lovely girl with or without that dress!

My honest pattern review:

I had read a lot people saying this was a really challenging make and that it would require the use of the tutorial videos. This concerned me as I don’t have a ton of time on my hands. I wantedto  dive in a get things accomplished.  So, I made the decision to just see if I could do it without the videos.
I found quickly the written instructions were fantastic! I had no need for the videos.  Once I got into my groove I finished the first dress in a couple of hours.

A few days later I was able to start and finish the second dress without using the instructions at all. The third dress went together like a breeze even with the few fit issues we had.

This is a wonderful pattern that I would recommend to anyone.  If you can follow instructions you can make this dress!!!

Can’t wait to make more!!


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