5 out of 4 Men’s Swim Trunks

So, I tested another pattern.  It’s a slight obsession.  I do realize that all my posts for the past several months have mostly, if not all, been pattern launches/testing. Sorry not sorry. HAH!

Today’s pattern is all about my husband’s need for new swim trunks.  You see, we are headed to the beach this summer and he doesn’t have any swim trunks. Enter the testing call from 5 out 4.


Let me say these are a fantastic make.  It’s not hard or time consuming and my husband LOVES his!  Sizing is from XXS-5XL…. That’s right! The typical trunk lining is there.   They are elastic waist but you can add a drawstring.  It can either be invisible(ties on the inside) or ad grommets to tie on the outside!  There is also an optional  cargo pocket and regular pockets.  My husband opted out of the cargo pocket but needed the standard side pockets.


These trunks use board short fabric, which I purchased from Peek-a-boo fabric shop.  It’s a nice quality fabric that my husband immediately appreciated.  He was happy to wear them all evening after I completed them and then I caught him in them the next morning.  These are a keeper! Pick up the pattern today right here… it’s only sale for a limited time! Get on it! 


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