I Can’t Seem to Stop Sewing!

The best hobby EVER!!! SEWING!!!  I love it more than I can describe!  I feel like I need to sew something every. single. day! Here are my current accomplishments: Two Swoon Patterns, one Deidlebug Pattern and one test pattern for yoga capris and a nursing tank.... This isn't even all I've completed in the last… Continue reading I Can’t Seem to Stop Sewing!


Sewing Binge Part 3

Today, I will be wrapping up the sewing binge series.  I've told you about the Laney Hobo Bag, hemming a dress and two quilt that have started or finished.  This post focuses on a pattern test I was a part of. I really haven't done any pattern testing but when I saw an invite on… Continue reading Sewing Binge Part 3