Mama’s First Quilt

I've been talking about making a quilt for years.  I like the thought of feeling old fashioned so I finally decided to try it.  I'm not going to lie it was a challenge and it was easy.  Going into it I was like, " This'll be cake.  It's a bunch of straight seams."  While that's true, there's… Continue reading Mama’s First Quilt


The Betsy Ethel Tote

I have never made a bag/purse/tote in my life.  Well, that's a lie... I made some small green and black drawstring nylon backpack in my 8th grade sewing class but it was, well, lacking in style.  I recall being very proud. I found some really heavy, really awesome upholstery-type fabric at Hobby Lobby on clearance… Continue reading The Betsy Ethel Tote